Before I bought the bike I spoke with both Mark Hill and Richie Corriera. Mark agreed to do the welding and machining and Richie would build the motor. I wanted a good well built motor and had no idea I would plan to ride the Cannonball with it.

Within 2 weeks I had the motor at Mark’s shop in NY. Several people have told me the Henderson cases are difficult to weld because they have lots of impurities in them and are soaked with oil. Mark bakes the cases to try and get as much oil out before welding. After cleaning my cases it was decided to cut out the bad spots and weld new pieces back in. Then the cases went in an oven and the welding was done at 600 deg and the cases are not allowed below 500 deg and the cool down is over a 24 hr period. The goal is to try and hold the cases and not let them warp too much due to the welding. Mark sent lots of photos, here are a few that show the gory details.