Beautiful fall day. Got a nice ride on my VLH last weekend and hopefully tomorrow if it does not rain a lot.

Rims and hubs.

I have new front and rear hubs made by Stefan. They look great. I test fit new Timkin races and it looks good. Painted and ready to ship. Sent via UPS on Friday, these will take 1 week to get to calif and David will have them laced and sent back two weeks later. I have new 4×19 drop Center rims, from a Harley VL. I got these from Replicants/Tom Feeser. Tom is great to work with and the rims look terrific. Some people are running 3.25×19 but I like the look of this rim and the wider tire.

Tires. Here are the two tires I have found and are Cannonball proven.

Doug Feinsod ran 100/90 H19 Dunlop D401 front and rear.

Mike Vills ran 4×19 Heidenau dual sport 400-19. He said they performed well in all conditions and they have tons of tread still on them

If anyone has any other recommendations let me know. Or if you know anyone who will offer a discount.


Here are all of the brake pieces and a few extras. I am lucky and have the internal brake band.

My external band brake and metal band were both worn out. The original band is .071 thick. I bought .043 and .086. I am using the .086.

The internal brake band is thick, .150  In the picture is an extra original complete external brake band. I have taken apart my external band and hope to clean all of the pieces and get ready to assemble. Note the 2 different brackets on the ext bands