The headlight is a period correct headlight. The bucket is about 1/2″ deeper than a Henderson. When I brought the bike home I fitted the brackets and headlight. After we straightened the frame and front for the headlight would not fit… I took some 1/2″ bar stock and turned down both ends. The headlight end has a shoulder the headlight sits on and the side that goes into the handlebars is tapered. I brought the brackets to a blacksmith, Richard Spreda and he heated the bars and bent them for me. I brought them home and could not get them to fit. They angle at the handlebar was off  just a bit and that translated to 3/4″ at the headlight. I struggled with it for two hours and then realized I was tired and fighting so I quit. The next night I bolted the brackets in the handlebars and heated them with my torch and had the headlight on in less than 1/2 hour. Sometimes ya just gotta quit and start over.  I have chosen to leave the bike as 6 volt. So I wanted a better light source. I bought a reflector for a Cycle Ray and the new halogen bulb. I had to make a small spacer to keep the bulb from touching the headlight lense. The Lense. I tried several different lense clips to hold the lense in place but none worked. I then built up the inside of the lense ring with silicone and then bedded the lense into a fresh bed of silicone. I am sure a few will shake their heads but it seemed like a good solution .

The tail light is an original bracket with repo cup and glass. The bulb in the socket was too long so I made a brass spacer ring to move the cup out. Vic mad a flat bracket to hold the STOP light on above it. We spaced it out with brass rod that I bored out for a machine screw. I think it looks look. I bought the stop light on EBAY a few years ago. It was one of those very few deals where no one else was bidding and I got it reasonable. A rare find for me on EBAY.