The bike has been running all of July but not consistently well, and in fact most of the time not running. It has been starting hard, not idling down, running rough , stalling. Every now and then the bike runs ok and it is a pleasure to ride.Vic and I have been building and modifying the carbs for a month thinking it is a carb problem . Chris said he thought it is ignition but I said it was timed by Richie and the mag was totally rebuilt . Kent Thompson also said he would go after the mag. Finally I opened the mag. For each revolution the mag spins the point open at two spots. They should be .015. One was at .017 and the other at .024. My thought was how could I have it start well and be fun and then a few miles later be so damn far out. I pulled the mag and replaced it with an American Bosc that I bought from Mark’s Magnetos. I have never changed out a mag and knew that if I screwed it up I would have to pull the timing cover and that meant pulling the motor back or out. Needless to say I had lots of fear and self doubt but I pulled it and the motor started fine. Not easy as it should but better. I got about 100 miles in and then back to the same old problems. Richie suggested I check the valve clearances. Vic came over and he showed me how to measure the clearance. We started at 4 and then to 3 and I noticed the valves were not straight up and down and then noticed #1 and #2 exhaust valve guides were cracked bad and falling apart. A call to Dan and then Richie. We pulled the motor Tuesday night and I met Richie at the mass line Wed at 4 . He had the top end off and inspected last night. Mark Hill shipped new valves and valve guides. Richie pulled it apart and all valve guides were bad and #4 piston had taken a lot of heat. Not sure what happened. the manifold had been flattened and the cyl fit to it when assembled. Parts will be in tomorrow and the motor should be good to pickj up on Monday. Hope to be running by Tuesday evening. The bike is being shipped saturday. This is close.