Pierce worked on the motor all morning. I showed up at 1:30 to help. I am a project manager for Sisler Builders   http://www.sislerbuilders.com   . Steve took the other project managers and myself out for lunch to celebrate my upcoming ride and wish me well. It is great to work with good people and they gotta cover for me for the next 3+ weeks. Boy am I gonna hate that pay back.

So after lunch I went to the shop to help. Pierce had made the drop retainers, he adjusted the valves and then we slipped the springs into place. They look terrific and am sure will work well.

I got home late afternoon. The next problem is the bike needs to be in Connecticut the next day to load to head south. I felt the repair work was very good but with only 416 miles on the bike and still not sure what else would happen I was stumped. I called Doug and he said bring it that there will be many skilled people to help and lots of spare parts. I took a 60 mile mile ride on my 1936 VLH. I have owned the VL for 10+ years and it is an old friend and fits me like a glove. I decided the Henderson was not ready and too valuable to risk on a long ride.  The VL was also not ready but it has always been a runner. I have worked very hard to be in the Cannonball and my only choice was to bring the VL.

I worked until 12 and changed the seat, got the saddle bags on, made a bracket for the rout sheet holder and mounted that and the computer. I made a list of all the parts I will need and all the work the bike needs. On Saturday I loaded the bike, tools, and supplies and Headed for Conn.

My Team mate is Dan Emerson. He competed in the 2012 Cannonball and was 6 miles shy of a perfect score riding a 1925 Henderson. He rebuilt the bike and planned to ride it again but bought a 1936 EL this summer and could not resist bringing it. So we loaded two 1936 Harleys into our van, a VL and an EL. Several months ago we decided the best course of action was to buy a used and van, drive it across the country and then ship it home with the bikes in it. Dan found a 1989 Ford E250 with 5,000 miles on it. It was a police surveillance van. Very clean and in great condition. The two bikes fit well with enough room for luggage, supplies and tools.

I am flying to Orlando Tuesday am and will spend the night with my sister Wynema and her husband Jerry. Wednesday I will be in Daytona. Several folks have said they will help me get the VLH ready. This is amazing!!!