The motor went back and Richie took it apart. He found #4 intake spring had collapsed from the heat and the cyl had oil residue on it. He ordered new rings and ball honed each cyl and replaced all of the rings. He cut new seats and installed new valves , he had replacement valve springs but they were too long so we had nothing and he put the heavy valve springs back in. Richie did an amazing job coordinating getting parts and having the machine work done and then assembling. And he met me half way in NH at 7am to hand off the motor Thursday Aug 28.

I brought the motor home and the heavy valve springs do not work on my motor. They were bulging and not sitting flat and one was hung up on the intake exh flange. I ran up to see Pierce Reid and he pronounced the valves no good. A few springs had the wire touching which is spring bound and no good. It was 5 in the afternoon and I made a few calls and Ricky LaPlante ran a set of springs down to UPS – next day.  I got the springs the next day at 10 am.


here are the new springs in place. they are straight and flat, no bulging and space between each coil

I found the original springs and valves and brought them to the shop and found the new valves were .20 shorter. Pierce made new retainers for the springs that sat 1/4″ lower to compensate for the shorter valves.


This is #1 and # 2 valve guides after 416 miles!


These are all of the guides and you can see wear in all of them


Richie at 7 am in NH


7 am Warner NH

Our theory is the heavy duty valve springs are too heavy and with the shorter valves it was no good. I have been told several people are using these heavy springs but in my mind they clearly do not work on my motor.