OK, on Wednesday I found Karen and Dan and got my bike. I changed the plugs, Dan cleaned up the left petcock and installed. I tightened the chain, then went to sign in and then pre-race inspection.

After that I pulled the left tank and had the shifter tab on the tank welded. It has never been good and for around the town it has not been worth taking the tank off, but this is a different game. Then we worked on the rear box. The box was set up for the Henderson and I brought it. Dr. Pepper and Don worked on it and it is good. Terry came over and he made a bracket for my speedo hook up. This is very cool. It is a speedo and tell total elapsed time and abient temp and motor temp and time. I was lucky to have Terry make the bracket for me.

Then I took the 30 mile practice run to learn how to use the roll sheet. Each night the next day’s instructions are printed out and you tape them together into a long roll and put them on your roller, then during the day roll them as you go to follow the route . We worked until Thursday afternoon getting the bike ready. Then rider’s meeting and dinner/banquet at night.