Friday we all met on the beach for a group photo. It was like herding cats. There are 98 bikes . At 10 am the class one bikes left, I am class 3 and left at about 10:30. The 1st day was to lake City Florida, an easy shake down ride of 142 miles. Don followed me and I rode with Frank Westfall for awhile. Michael the photographer rides backwards on a Victory. He spent about 10 minutes with me riding a back road under the shaded spanish moss.

We ran into Jeff Tiernan , 1919 Henderson and the petcock fitting to his tank split. We were dealing with it trying to figure out an auxilary tank and Scott Blaylock had one on his BMW and leant it to Jeff. We rode with him to be sure he was ok and then he broke a push rod. We stopped and he had an extra one. Don stayed with him. I was nervous because I am a Rookie and want to be sure to get in  on time . I got there in time and Jeff was not far behind.