MY bike is a Harley Davidson 1936 VLH. HD made the VL series from 1930-1936. They are a flathead 74 cu in. In late 1935 they came out with an 80 cu in. The bike is a 3 speed foot clutch, hand shift. My bike was found by Brian Keating. It was an old privateer race from the Conn area. He offered the bike to Mike and Rat from Harbor Vintage with a load of parts. Mike looked the bike over and it was a mess but was very complete and many hard to find parts on it. Mike had Tony rebuild the motor and trans and replaced the fenders. The 1st day out he was stopped for going to fast on it. At the same time I had a 1936 VL but it was not correct. When Mike retired and agreed to sell me the bike so mine went to Ebay and I bought Mike’s bike. I bought the bike in the fall of 2003. Sad to say but Mike passed away last summer. Brian and I rode to the memorial service in Jericho .

I have ridden the bike around town and on only a few longer rides in the area. It has been dependable and fun. It fits me well. I have never spent the time to go thru the bike and have repaired it as needed. This is certainly not a formula for Cannonball success.