What a day. The weather report said the day would be cooler but dry. We walked outside and it was raining. It rained most of the day and was 55-60 degr. Ran with our rain gear all day.

At 38 miles out I had no brakes. The rear brake rod broke. A farmer stopped and asked if he could help. I thought about running with only the front brake but knew it was not that good. My front brake is a ” front wheel speed reducing apparatus” and not much else. So we went to his shop and he cleaned the brake rod and welded it. Then we installed and adjusted the rear chain. Bill was a great guy, he took the time to help me. He has a 500 acre farm and grows corn and soy beans. Once repaired he lead me out to the road and I was on my way. I figure about 1 hour behind. The rules are you gotta get in by a certain time or loose points. In order to make your miles and time you have to ride all the posted speed limits. On the main roads that are posted above 50 mph you need to maintain 50. I have been running at 45 mph. Today I opened it up to 50 because I had to get in. I road for 2-3 hours and only saw 2 or 3 other bikes and knew I was behind. I caught Bob on his Nera-Car once and then later passed him again. Finally at the lunch stop I was with a few bikes. At mile 167 the roll said 75 miles to the next gas station. The VL has two tanks. The main tank is 2 gallons. The auxiliary is 1 gallon. We cleaned up the fitting on the aux tank and installed the fuel line in Daytona but have not had any time to test it. I have been stopping once an hour in order to refuel. I carry a 1 gallon tank in my saddlebag. So last night I tested the aux tank by pouring a quart in it and the soldered fitting on the bottom of the tank that the petcock fits into leaked. Not much to do at this time so I gotta run with only my main tank. At mile 165 I filled my main tank, my 1 gallon plastic tank and emptied the water from my Gator aid bottle and filled that also. I made it in just fine but ran into someone who was empty and I had nothing to help him with.

The cool weather was great today. The motor ran fine and was running below 200 deg all day. The local HD dealer hosted and fed us tonight.

At the end of the day we were riding thru the rolling hills of Kansas, beautiful.