Today was a day off. I slept until 730 and was outside working by 9. It was cool and raining all owning. I put up the tent and cleaned the van organized my supplies and did my laundry. Then worked on the bike. Adjusted the clutche linkage, I had 2 rubber pads and put them on the clutch pedals. Adjusted the rear break , checked the chain, and adjusted the front brake. The front brake made a scraping sound. I took it apart and spun it in my hand and it was smooth and quiet. While working on the brake I happened to look at the right side and the bracket that Terry made in Daytona had moved and the speedo pick up was scraping the wheel. Got lucky on that. Dumped the oil and added 3 quarts. I should be adding 1.5 quarts a day of 50 weight. I opened the battery and added distilled water, adjusted the clutch pedal tension. Then placed decals on the rear box for two of my sponsors, Heidenau tires and Spectro oil.