A few years ago I restored a 1949 HD Servicar. I collected parts for 10+ years and finally made the time to restore it. When it was done I had it judged at an AMCA meet. The standards to have a bike judged is the bike must be the same as what it was when it was new. This means every nut and bolt needs to be correct and any parts that are rebuilt or replaced must look new. Also many parts that are being made today are not exact duplicates of the original parts and will not pass judging. The restoration was tough and the bike did well in judging. When I planned to buy a Henderson I had to sell the Servi to finance the Henderson.

A person from Germany, Juergen, called and he was in the country on business so he and his wife came by and looked at the Servi. He did not buy the bike but we became friends and he brokered the sale of the bike to someone in Germany.

Juergen is a fanatic about bikes and old bikes. He has several bikes stored around the USA so when he is here on business he can get one of his bikes and go for a ride. His bikes in Germany are at his home and are set up as a museum for people to look at and learn from.

So Juergen got the Cannonball bug and decided he would come and ride along with us for a few days. His schedule would not allow but at the last minute he flew into Milwaukee and met his friend Peter and they came down in Peter’s airplane and we got to spend time together one night. The next day they followed us in the plane and met us at lunch