We loaded the bikes in the van and drove to the lunch stop. We emptied the van and laid everything out to dry and then grabbed a healthy lunch at Wendys. My bike started well and Dan and I drove off together. He is riding a Knuckle and there is no way I can keep up with him. After a few miles he pulled over with a bad noise. He found the chainguard had come loose, lucky it was nothing serious and he found it right away.

5 miles later down the road we ran into a rain shower. Dan was in front of me and his tool box popped out of the saddlbags and spilled everything on the road. I began to pull over and then  my bike tried to stall, ran on one cylinder and got some smoke out the valve tubes on cyl 1. I pulled over . Dan showed up and the bike had a chance to cool , we kicked it thryu and nothing was seized. then I started it and we took off. When I got up to speed there was quite a valve tick. I ran for awhile and then stopped, Dan listened and we agreed to run it easy. I ran at 40 mph for the day. I made my miles with no damage. I brought the bike over to Terry’s and he had a fan and lights. I opened the valve tubes and we agreed to let it cool down. Dan, Terry, and Kris Thompson were helping. After dinner Kris showed me how to adjust the valves. They were all over the place. Last week Kris before we got to Daytona and agreed we would adjust the valves before the race begins. Never got to it. Hopefully no damage. The VL has a total loss oil system. On a total loss oil system there is no recirculating oil pump. There is a pump that is tied into the throttle and pumps oil to the top end all day but at night you open a valve and let the oil in the crankcase out. I am releasing about 4 ounces each evening. I will get some photos tonight. Terry and I talked and decided to not adjust the oiler for more oil but hand pump it every half an hour. Oil is cheap and it is better to have more than less.

Everyone is at the same hotel last night. In the rider’s meeting they said we will stop for 17 nights and they have made arrangements with 50 hotels. In many towns we are spread out over a few hotels. The rear lot is full of the support vehicles and everyone was working hard . I have not been sleeping well. Too on edge . Will get some melatonin today and stay away from the iced tea after lunch and see if that helps.  Today we head north to Chattanoga, 225 miles